• Scope: Graphic designing is in demand across various industries as businesses require visually appealing designs for their branding & marketing.
  • Popular Design: Brands like Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Netflix & McDonald’s rely on graphic designers for their iconic visuals.
  • Short Duration: We will equip you with the knowledge & skills to excel in graphic designing in just 2 months.
  • No Degree Required: A formal degree is not mandatory to pursue a career in graphic design.
  • Earning Potential: Entry-level graphic designers can earn around PKR. 3-5 lakhs per year. With 2+ years of experience, the salary can range from PKR. 6-12 lakhs per year.
  • Specialization Options: Our graphic designing program offers various specialization options, allowing you to focus on specific areas such as branding, web design, illustration, or user interface design.
  • Industry Collaboration: Our graphic designing program provides opportunities for industry collaborations, allowing you to work on real-world projects & gain practical experience.
  • Global Opportunities: Unlock job opportunities across the globe in countries such as the US, UK, Canada & Australia actively seeking skilled graphic designers.
  • Freelancing Opportunities: You’ll learn how to work independently as a freelance graphic designer, offering your services to clients worldwide.
  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Start your own design agency or launch your own graphic design business.
  • Portfolio Building: Throughout our program, you’ll create a portfolio showcasing your design skills & expertise to attract potential clients or employers.

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