Learn how to use a computer from beginner to mid-level. We’ll teach you how to use a computer right from turning it on & off. Right upto playing simple games, using Microsoft products like Word, excel etc.

  • Scope: The advanced computer course covers a wide range of essential skills in the field of computing.
  • 1-Month Program: This advanced computer course offers an intensive learning experience designed to equip you with comprehensive computer skills in just 1 month.
  • Typing Master Pro: Enhance your typing skills using the Typing Master Pro software.
  • Microsoft Word: Learn to create, format, insert tables, lists & style written documents.
  • Microsoft Excel: Master creating Excel sheets, using functions & formulas, formatting data, managing databases & creating charts & graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Develop skills in creating engaging presentations, editing slides, adding animations, transitions & multimedia elements.
  • InPage Software: Improve your Urdu typing skills with the InPage software.
  • Internet Usage: Discover techniques for connecting to the Internet, conducting research, browsing, social media usage & online communication.
  • Email Setup: Learn how to set up & manage your own email account, including best practices for writing, sending & receiving emails.
  • Hardware & Software Troubleshooting: Gain knowledge in troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, upgrading & replacement of hardware and software.

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